Susie Martinez-McMullen

  • About Susie:

    With many years of legal and business experience, Susie has developed a sharp eye for how businesses get “bogged down” with inefficiencies, and miscommunications — her experience in dealing with these issues leads to Rohe ◆ Twyman having a smoother, and more strategically focused firm. Here at Rohe ◆ Twyman, the focus is about the client and work product created for each individual matter.

    As a paralegal who has built a career path in family law, Susie, is passionate about our clients and the way they feel each time they leave our firm. Through her years as a paralegal, Susie has learned that all people are “different” and we each have “different” ways of dealing with life’s challenges. Susie listens to our clients and makes them part of our “team” while we “coach” them through a difficult and/or happy time in their lives.

    Susie is currently the Office Manager/Bookkeeper as well as a Certified Paralegal. She is fluent in Spanish and is available to meet and speak with the Spanish speaking individuals looking to hire. Se habla espanol!